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How to Destress While at Work!

Posted on February, 07 2022
How to Destress While at Work!

How to Destress Yourself While at Work! 

Now days our world seems to be running  at a very fast pace; we all are struggling to catch up. This pace of life produces stress and it keep adding up each day.  You wake up every morning to the same routines and responsibilities.  This never ending cycle continues until your system suddenly breaks down someday and then you realize the damage this stress can do to the body. 

Some of us have developed what people call/think a ‘coping mechanism’, i.e. not revealing and realizing the effects of stress. Their believe is that they are immune to all this, stress can’t affect them.  They isolate, become cold and unavailable to talk to. 

These type of people don’t even realize that over time they have pushed everyone away from their life and when they need support they end up alone with no friends. They need to PAUSE and understand that they can do many things that could help relieve stress from their system (physical and psychological). 

Simple way to deal with stress is to PAUSE and confront it when it builds up.  Number two strategy to do deal with stress is to PAUSE and get up and do some stretching even if is of ones muscle. You can do this while you are sitting on your chair.  A simple stretch allows the blood to flow better in the body and eases stress out. It also feels refreshing and relaxing after stretch.

Run and make stress run out of your work life!

Running at lunch time during work has become very popular in last decade as it helps you burn all the stress build during the morning session. Even 30 minutes for jogging can have miraculous effect on your physical and mental health. You will feel energized and relaxed after the run and have more clarity to preform in the afternoon session. This endeavor makes the second half more lively as you have eliminated the stress hormone and filled your system with oxygen.        

More regularly you practice running at lunch, more better you would feel about yourself. Your work efficiency will improve and this would lead you to better opportunities. Your overall life will also improve as result of this small investment in yourself.

If you can’t run WALK.

I know running can be bit messy for some if you don’t have appropriate facilities, instead go for a walk. Don’t let not having changing facilities stop you from enjoy the world outside the office block. Go out, look at the trees, flowers, sky, roof top, anything you like. Go out and observe life. Give yourself a mental break from the thoughts of work, meetings and deadlines. Even it is for 5 minutes it’s worth it and when you come back it would feel you had gone for ever.

If you are not able to get of the building for some reason you can have a small walk in the building itself. It still have the same effect on you brain and body, change of scenery and movement are great to improve you mood.

Don’t let stress corrode your beautiful life, get up and get moving. And most importantly don’t forget to have a deep breath.




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