Breathe In, Stress Out!

Posted on February, 08 2022
Breathe In, Stress Out!



Breathe – It’s Your Natural Stress Reliever 

We all live in a society full of stress and especially after Covid it has been a totally different dynamics of stress in life, stress of uncertainty.  From the very second to till we fall asleep, it’s either family, or career, or bills and or a hundred other worries, it has become a default nature to get stressed. Even you know stress is not good for your health, and this can add more to expenses and worries, in turn producing even more stress.  You feel like being caught in a vicious cycle; but good news is you don’t have to. 

There are several natural cure to get stress out of your life and most simple, natural and cost free is your breath. Yes, your own breath. 

Take a Deep Breath

You know deep breathing is the easiest, simplest, quickest and most inexpensive natural stress relief you can get in the entire world.  A few deep breaths not only relaxes your physical body, but brings more oxygen to your brain and this enhances your logical thinking abilities. 

You don’t have to trust me, try yourself when you are stressed – observe - you start to gasp or hyperventilate which tenses your body up and lowers your oxygen level. Logical thinking and decision making goes out of window.

Now check how deep your breathing is?  Inhale to the count of five, hold it for a count of seven, and then exhale to the count of nine.  As you begin to inhale deeper your body start to relax immediately. You can gradually increase these counts to seven or even ten.  You only need to do it for few minutes beginning with as small as two minutes in order to give your body a time-out.  This is as simple as it can get.

Wake Up and Breathe the Natural Stress Relief

If you don’t get enough sleep, your body is holding some level of stress.  Even I’m not a big fan of sleep but still without enough quality sleep (relaxation), it can very difficult for both body and brain to recover from exhaustion of the life. To take logical decisions, bring creativity in life, or put things into perspective become a struggle.  While you are practicing deep breathing, here are a few add-ons you can do to help promote better sleep and relaxation.


Try to limit your caffeine intake to at least five hours before bedtime. Darken your windows, even if you have to nail a dark colored towel over it.  This might sound silly, but this has helped a lot of people. You can also use scents that promote relaxation lavender and frankincense are proven to promote relaxation and a feeling of calmness.  Trail and test to find the scent that helps you relax. 

Laugh Out Loud!

Second easiest and inexpensive natural stress relief medicine is laughing.  Simply; laugh out loud now for no reason at all. You will feel better, don’t you?  And you probably made passers-by laugh, too, helping them to de-stress without them knowing. This the second best natural stress reliever of all.

A smile is infectious, but laughing is ultra-infectious!





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