Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Posted on January, 03 2022
Mindfulness and Wellbeing

It’s hard to quiet the mind. We live a fast-paced life constantly juggling our daily and weekly tasks in an attempt to create some type of balance. Throughout the day our connection with ourselves drifts further and further away, leaving us wrapped up in a whirlwind of never-ending tasks. Continuing life in this fashion leads to a downward spiral, and one that if not stopped can have grave consequences. Taking a moment during the day to calm the mind and turn its focus on the moment at hand is one way to start living a better and healthier life. You can start by focusing attention on small things every day. Becoming more aware of the language of the body, listening as it speaks through sensations and feelings. Mindful practices have been proven to improve mental health and wellness, and is the simplest form of prevention to date. 

Mindfulness and Diagnosis 

When we visit our healthcare providers, notice how they ask you several questions in order to get to the bottom of tour symptoms? They as you question about the types of pain, duration, and other sensations in the body, in an attempt to discover the source and give you a proper diagnosis.  For some, these questions might be difficult to answer as they haven’t kept track of these sensations and have no idea what may have brought them to the surface. This lack of awareness can have serious consequences, especially with many pushing aside the pain they feel sometimes until its too late. Adding in a small slot of time to allow the mind to focus on all parts of the body can lead to earlier diagnosis and prevention of chronic diseases, strengthening the connection between the mind and body.

Mindfulness and Physical Health

Preventative care is key for overall physical health. This means foreseeing problems before they occur through regular checkups and preventative measures like healthy habits and healthy practices. Stress, many times, is at the root of diseases and disorders, as the body instinctively pumps out harmful hormones and chemicals in an attempt to regulate its natural balance. Changing the way the brain focuses through participation in mindful practices melts away stress, giving you the tools needed to pinpoint problems, discover the cause, and formulate a plan to rid them from your life. This in turn increases overall well-being, shown to reduce heart disease, blood pressure, chronic pain, and insomnia, the very diseases that if left untreated can have life-threatening consequences.       

Mindfulness and Mental Health

Mental health has become a large area of concern as disorders like anxiety, depression and eating disorders continually rise. In majority of these cases, patients are given a slew of drugs to suppress these sensations with most practitioners not taking preventative care into account. The increase in the appearance and severity of these disorders caused medical professionals to change the way they treat patients with mental disorders, adding in mindful practices to their treatment plan. The focus here is turned to acceptance, having patients first admit and accept the presence of their disorder. Once they are fully aware, the attention spans throughout the body, standing face to face with the symptoms and sensations that have surfaced because of the disorder.  These two practices sort of shift the brains thinking to one of intention, training it to focus more on the present and take the worry out of the past and future. While it is not a cure, it is a sure way to improve mental health and significantly decrease the symptoms that come with it. 

Getting Started 

To start the path to a healthier and happier you, the first step is to begin. It may be difficult to find time in one’s busy life but think about it as a necessity just like eating and sleeping. Try to set aside a small fraction of the day to clear the mind. Listen to your thoughts on the go, or incorporate awareness into your favourite pastime. Begin by accepting everything, your body, your thoughts, your feelings, everything that you enclose within, accept it and don’t be ashamed of it. You also want to clear your conscious, do this by forgiving yourself and forgiving others. Release your grip on any grudges and just simply let go. While these may sound easy, their execution is another story, beginning requires understanding sensations and emotions; a realization that takes patience and time. When finally beginning and focusing on these two things you will notice a sudden lightness about you. You will feel instantly freer and more consciously aware having now brought your emotions to the surface. This freedom melts away disorders, bringing that smile you’ve been hiding to your face for the world to see. 

There are so many benefits to becoming a more aware being however, making it part of your daily routine can be difficult. We all get caught up in the daily hustle, trying to keep up with the pace of the world making it so important to remember your place in the world, reintroduce yourself to the being within. Do this through continued practice that will result in a heathier and more positive outlook on life and a healthier and happier you. 

Get in touch with yourself and realize that there is only one you and it is only you who knows the mixture of sensations and emotions your enclosing. Bring them to the surface, understand them, and let them go. 

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