What is Meditation?

Posted on February, 02 2022
What is Meditation?

There are many definitions of meditation in the web. Google shows 441,000,000 search results for the word. From my experience on meditation after practice of 30 years is that it’s a state of consciousness that allows for a deeper level of awareness and relaxation. This originated in the East and has now become very popular in the west as well in last 50 years.  It’s being adopted in every sector of the society and is a great tool to reduce stress and achieve deeper physical and mental relaxation. 

How to begin?

The basic and very first step of meditation is to focus your mind on a single point. Meditation is a practice recognized by almost all religions since ancient times. There are a variety of meditation styles you can learn, each with its own spiritual and psychophysical implications. Meditation helps you can achieve a higher state of consciousness that allows the mind to focus more clearly and reach a peaceful state.

What you achieve?

To do  proper meditation (formal practice) you need to sit in a comfortable position (just keep your back straight) in a quiet environment; you can focus your mind on one of the many techniques like breathing, a favourite mantra, or visualizations. To get to the level of higher consciousness, you must learn how the mind works. Once you understand how thoughts are created and how they work, it would help you increase your concentration and attention which results in calm and clear view of where you want to go in life.

What are the next steps?

Once your practice deepens you can do your meditation anywhere you want to, it becomes your second nature, independent of the quite place. But still maintain your practice in the quite environment as it will help you to maintain the momentum.  You can integrate this to your daily routines like walking, cleaning dishes and many more you wish to. Meditating while walking can involve focusing on each step and the movement of your body. Walking meditation can break thought patterns with a greater focus on perception without being distracted by the ultimate goal of meditation itself.

Mindfulness meditation technique is one of the best, common and the simplest form of meditation and has enormous benefits.

I wish you all the best on you journey to a Happy, Healthy and Mindful life.

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