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Less Stress Better Life!

Posted on February, 06 2022
Less Stress Better Life!



If you feel constantly overwhelmed, it may be because you are stressed. Stress alone can cause major mental, physical, and psychological problems. In fact, stress itself can exaggerate the existing problems. Stress causes confusion cloud as it hurts you and affects your physical, emotional and psychological aspects. Stress is one of the common problems that everyone in the world faces from time to time.

What Causes Stress?

The list is countless, from bills to bicycle. In recent years of uncertainty, bills had become a major cause of stress, especially if you do not have regular cash flow to pay them. Duties and responsibilities cause stress as you struggle to get your tasks done right. Children can also cause stress. Especially nowadays with media, television etc. to pollute and corrupt the minds of our children by presenting nudity, violence and other harmful information in the air. A unhealthy relationship can cause stress. When you have a unhealthy relationship, it affects your mental and physical health, which causes stress. 

Children nowadays add stress to already difficult married relations. It has become difficult to deal with young people in today’s age. Children in 21st century suffer from mental illness more than any other time in history. 

There are many reasons why you feel stressed. The upside is that you have the ability to make stress your best friend and keep it at a safe distance or worst enemy and who is attacking you regularly.

Only change that can help is learn to accept. We overcome all daily challenges, treat each challenge as a learning experience. We have to pay all bills, work, eat, exercise, holidays, it is part of life. We all have to deal with this, there is nothing unusual about it. Instead of talking about the stress, do something about it.

If you are chronically stressed, drained and lack hope, this is a good time to have a deeper introspection and if need be seek help. Your doctor or health professional can help you deal with the stress. Mindfulness is a simple practice that can help to eliminate stress from your life.

How to reduce stress?

You can reduce stress by setting goals, planning and achieving goals. When there is a goal to achieve and something to look forward to, it improves your personal life. The first thing you want to keep in mind when planning and setting goals is that they are realistic and achievable, and true to your inner beliefs. The truth is what sets you free. Everything you do in life should support the real you and your values. If you're not sure, PAUSE and look for your values.

Knowledge sets you free. To improve your life and reduce stress, you can educate yourself and seek knowledge. In this every changing information age culture if you lack skills, experience or education, you can go back to school (online or evening) to acquire the required skills.

You need to learn avoiding the trap of your beliefs, memory and intelligence, because all three along with emotions play unhealthy tricks when you let them. Simple example, you want to avoid negative self-talk to yourself; I cannot do it. Life is so hard. Life is easier when you learn to think positively and check what you say to yourself. Checked and monitored self-talk is the best conversation you can have with yourself.

How you can improve your personal life, this is entirely up to you. You need to PAUSE and consult your inner counsellor to find out what you really need (not want), what you are missing and what steps you can take to improve your personal life. 

If you are unsure, ask for feedback. Feedback from the people who know you. Feedback is the key to your success.





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