Carrots- the Raw Food

The Raw Food?

The Raw Food is becoming a house hold name and has become the buzz word and is very popular these days. People are turning to raw food, not only because of agent for weight loss but also as diet for a long and healthy life. Because of our busy life style we don’t notice how much processed food we consume and what harm they are causing to our bodies. So, this is the proof that we have move very far from our agrarian and ancestral roots.        

What is Raw Diet?

The raw food diet is the food we consume unprocessed in its natural form, no alteration or modification to make them crunchy and chewy. There are enough studies that prove why these diets are good for our health. Cooking and processing take away most of the nutritional value from the food. We have had heard that half-done food has more calories than the well-done food, but it also have more nutritional value. We all remember being told not to peel the carrots or potatoes too deeply, not to peal the apples, as most of the value nutrients are under the surface of the vegetable or fruit.

Raw food diet – the food of our Ancestors

The raw food diet consists of eating uncooked, organic, unprocessed, whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, etc. So, it means the diet that is at least 75% uncooked! Cooking kills natural flavor and nutrition from vegetables and fruits. A raw food meal means eating more the way our ancient ancestors eat. Our ancestors were fit and healthier than us because they eat raw diet.  They cooked occasionally, and certainly didn’t cook or process fruits and vegetables, they ate them RAW. They drank fresh water, not the tap chlorinated water like us, and also they must have had some coconut milk but not the carbonated sugary drinks.

Now it make sense that this is the way, how our bodies were originally made to eat raw food diet? And more importantly this way of eating is harmony with the environment of our earth and our healthy living lifestyle. For our bodies to work efficiently we need to exercise because we will need more energy to digest natural raw food for good health.

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