Mindful Leadership Programme

Applied mindfulness for lasting change

Created and hosted by mindfulness coach, Bhupinder Sandhu

This course helps to create conscious leaders and high performing teams that form the bedrock of a thriving organisation and a better society.

Programme 01

This course uses innovative coaching methods (tailor made)to facilitate personal change. It encourages active practices oftwo types of mindfulness:

  • Meditative mindfulness, to create more self awareness and reduce stress through present moment awareness meditation.
  • Applied mindfulness, to bring attention to specific behavioural, mental and emotional patterns that you identify and shift using systematic awareness and meaningful techniques.

The program is facilitated in small groups, not exceeding 06 participants .

Research shows that sharing openly and honestly assists greater personal development and doing this in small groups is key in supporting meaningful growth.

Peer accountability is also essential to personal transformational success. It’s one of the most effective ways of sustaining long-term change because of the unique support and feedback gained from peer-to-peer interaction.

We seek to understand the past so we can live more effectively in the present and prevent future difficulties.

Programme 02
Programme 03

Develop resilience and ways to cope with future challenges, change and stress.

Unlock your innate wisdom and create more meaningful collaboration.

  • Enhanced clarity of mind
  • Reduced levels of stress
  • Increased creativity
  • Greater courage to act
  • Reduced defensiveness
  • Increased self awareness
  • Improved communication skills
  • Deepened active listening skillsIncreased concentration

Modern research has demonstrated that the brain continues to create new neural pathways and alter existing ones in order to adapt to new experiences, learn new information, and create new memories.

For decades now, researchers have been investigating the science behind the benefits of practising mindfulness. Scientists studying the effects of mindfulness meditation on the brain have found that regular practice changes the both structure and the functioning of the brain – leading to things like improved memory and concentration and better resilience to stress.

By repeating similar feelings, thoughts and actions we can alter entrenched behaviours, creating sustainable behavioural change as leaders and team members.

Programme 02
Programme 03

My mother was my first mindfulness teacher, but formal journeyto become a mindfulness practitioner took place in valleys ofSrinagar (India) with a Sufi Saint in 1996 as a 17 years old boyand then from different teachers of different sects and religionsfor next 17 years before I began teaching mindfulness in 2013.

Therefore my practice blends ancient mindfulness wisdom fromdifferent schools of teaching, the latest neuroscience studiesalong with transformational coaching techniques so that myclients experience a deeper understanding of the practice andchanges are permanent.

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