Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop

with mindfulness coach, Bhupinder Sandhu
Programme 01

This 90 minute introductory workshop is the perfect way to give mindfulness a try at your workplace or to support employees as part of a wider or ongoing focus on wellbeing.

Bhupinder will guide a number of experiential mindfulness practices and will explain the background to mindfulness and it’s many benefits.

Participants are invited to reflect on their experience and there is time allowed for questions and to find out ways to learn more.

You don’t need any previous experience of mindfulness or meditation to join this workshop. Just a curious and open mind.

A hand out with a recap and further tips and reference materials is also shared after the session.


Some of the benefits of practicing mindfulness atwork are:

  • It reduces anxiety as you how to remain calm and incharge of your emotions regardless of what’s happeningaround you.
  • It increases your resilience so you can bounce back alot faster after a challenging experience.
  • It increases your focus and concentration by cultivatinga clear and stable mind.
  • It enhances your emotional intelligence, you won’t beso attached to your thoughts and feelings, which reducesthe need to react to each of them as they arise.
Programme 02
Programme 03

This experiential workshop inspires new insights and transformation by using proven coaching techniques and putting the latest neuroscience into practice.


The best way to understand and learn mindfulness is toexperience it. Bhupinder dives straight into guided exercisesto help everyone become comfortable with exploring thesenew concepts and mindsets.

There’s no spiritual jargon either, just straight talking science, philosophy, mindfulness wisdom and proven techniques.


Learning and studying mindfulness was one thing, it transformed mein many ways but teaching mindfulness regularly, has completelychanged my life. The way I feel about my relationships and the way Iapproach and perceive stressful and challenging situations hasdramatically altered and I’m now a lot more resilient to thechallenges of everyday life.

My mother was my first mindfulness teacher, but formal journey tobecome a mindfulness practitioner took place in valleys of Srinagar(India) with a Sufi Saint in 1996 as a 17 years old boy and then fromdifferent teachers of different sects and religions for next 17 yearsbefore I began teaching mindfulness in 2013.

Therefore my practice blends ancient mindfulness wisdom fromdifferent schools of teaching, the latest neuroscience studies alongwith transformational coaching techniques so that my clientsexperience a deeper understanding of the practice and changes arepermanent.

I love spending time in nature and very passionate about learningand deepening my practice. I am a firm believer that you can learnand practice mindfulness from the comfort of your couch at home orchair at work.

Programme 02
Programme 03

“Mindfulness is a very useful approach that will not only benefitgeneral wellness, but also productivity, team spirit and staffretention.”

“With my newmindfulness skills, I am now able to embrace lifein a totality. I now can’t imagine life without being mindful. DailyI try to practice the skills Bhupinder has taught me. Myconnection with the is self now the best connection I could haveever asked for. It is an investment well worth making.”

“Bhupinder’s approach and mindfulness exercises wereexceptional and enable me recover my equilibrium and reshapemy life’s next chapter and pathway.”

“Bhupinder and mindfulness has helped me find the freedom inlife, to live my life in present moment being true to myself. I loveour sessions and enjoy frequent mindful awakening momentswith Bhupinder’s help! Thank-you.”

“I’m now living in a state of deep awareness and really enjoyingevery bit it.”

“That pressure of others expectations that troubled me in thepast is now water off a ducks back. Mindfulness has help mecome to a point where I feel comfortable with who I am andwhat I’m doing.”

“The sessions are really light and easy to relate with. It’s allhidden inside us, sessions help find the lost light inside us.”

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