A Valentine's Day with Mindfulness!

Posted on February, 07 2022
A Valentine's Day with Mindfulness!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and what about if we pick up mindfulness to be our date this year?

As we celebrate the day of love, I propose you to fall in love with mindfulness for a moment. The minute you begin to fall in love with mindfulness, believe me, every day will appear to be a Valentine’s day, every meeting will be a valentine’s date and each conversation will be so mesmerising by the grandiosity of it.

Mindfulness showers upon you the charm of divinity and you savour every moment of that you had yearned for. You don’t have to go anywhere rather you will find it deep within you. Every unit of your body will feel it and you will cherish the nature around you. You will experience the union of the self with universe outside – a sensation, beyond expectation. You will feel the pinnacle of romantic experiences and that too without any external love that you genuinely feel, completes you.

You don’t need to buy red roses and box of chocolates for a date with mindfulness, you just need to be there as a whole. All you have to offer yourself is the present moment blended with mindfulness. 

Remember those days when you were just happy running after a colourful butterfly, expressing your happiness with others and fascinated with its beautiful colours. And of course you must have fallen love with its exquisite colours and fluttering wings. Mindfulness help you fall in love with your inner colours and dormant wings that yearn to flap and explore where you find solace. You just need to be here in the present moment to see your real colours, grow your wings and fly. You have all in you, you just need to PAUSE - slow down and go on date with yourself. Let this valentines be a date with your real self.

The well said maxim, "If  speech is silver, silence is golden", for in the vast treasure of deep mindfulness, one can find a large resource of peace and tranquillity. In the hidden recesses of mindfulness, all diversions disappear because one is at one’s peaceful best at that point of time.

It's time to ponder how to live life peacefully and quietly without bothering about any jerks or impediments caused by the external forces to outshine each other. For once let’s stop running,  to make others happy, running to seek love of others, running to achieve goals, running a rat race. Today let’s try to run a totally opposite race, a race from within. This sprint my dear friends, deep within ourselves will enable us to find who we really are, uncover the layers of delusional society and persona we have put upon ourselves. 

With mindfulness you will be able to listen to your music, dance on the melodies of your self- created tunes and find the most sought after path which will further encourage you to rhythmically wiggle on it. And that will make you relentless and  unstoppable. This unfamiliar strength of race will not only glorify your journey but will also help explore who you really are – ‘Complete in Yourself’.

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