Is Meditation waste of Time?

Posted on February, 23 2022
Is Meditation waste of Time?

So you think meditation is a waste of time, your day is full, and simply the thought of adding something else to a busy day is too big to think about.

In a mindful world, you can forgive yourself for thinking about it.

How many times do you keep a promise because something else is late or just forgotten? If you follow your impulses and get easily distracted, you are not working efficiently, but you are wasting your precious time.

Many leaders and many millionaires swear by the power of regular meditation.

Meditation of any kind calms the mind and reduces stress. However, guided transformative meditation goes beyond that: it helps you plan your life.

For example, if you are surrendering to your own impulses, and who is not, you can define the meditative state of intention to change this behavior and be better informed. It allows you to experience the new behavior you want to adopt.

Meditation does not prevent failure, but it makes life more variable as you change the way you respond to situations.

If you are concerned, meditation will help you calm down.

The other day I had to go see a new customer. I arrived a little late and got stuck on the road. I had left my cell phone at home and couldn't find a new customer, didn't know the area and had to rely entirely on my satellite browser to get there.

A typical predetermined reaction of the mind in such a situation is agitation:

An untrained mind roams all kinds of negative scenarios: what if I get stuck for hours, and if a satellite browser makes a mistake last week, what does my client think? This is probably the end of a great business relationship before it even begins.

Instead of worrying about the situation, I decided to use the time to meditate as I arrived on time with my client and imagine a perfect compromise. I concentrated on feeling calm and staying in the heart.

The heart is an important part of guided transformative practice because it magnifies and magnetizes the desired effect.

You always get what to focus on. Most of us have no idea how to direct our minds to the right things.

By chance, I was able to reach my new client in just a few minutes. The office was easy to find and we had a great first meeting. We agreed to a senior executive meditation training program, which is my favourite type of training. What could be better?

The ability to control my mental state radiated energy that showed me going through my conversation.

Have you noticed that with high energy things work somehow? Now imagine what will happen in your life if you can control your thinking and direct it to the desired results. Imagine how much time and energy you would release if you didn't have to react to all the failures? At least life will become more enjoyable, and we know that it is a well-researched fact that happy people have a more successful life.

Your transformed guided meditations increase cognitive awareness, improve focus and mental clarity, and help you plan a better life.


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