Mindfulness at Work,

How Mindfulness Can Help Building a Better Workplace?

Posted on August, 20 2021
How Mindfulness Can Help Building a Better Workplace?


Think of a place, where people are obligated to spend minimum 8 hours of their day. Where there are rules and regulations to follow and potential penalties if not executed. A place that houses people that are all living separate lives and have their own unique set of problems. This place is fortunately a place that majority of us spend 5 days out of our week, the workplace. The workplace can be filled with stress, it is hard to regulate a group of such distinct personalities and without the proper management or program placements, there is not much that can prevent a anxious environment. Thankfully, by planting positivity and calmness through programs and activities to promote a healthy and stress-free environment, a more blissful and productive work environment can be easily achieved. One such method is to implement mindful practices that are available throughout the day for all employees. 

Positivity over Productivity

First of all, the company as a whole should focus on one thing above all others, and that is creating a safe and stress-free environment for all employees to work. This means toning down the traditional ranking systems making upper management easily accessible and all employees well-receipted. Thinning these gaps creates a more Zen atmosphere by taking the anxiety or fear out of addressing issues. Companies will be happy to know that a happy employee is a productive employee, resulting in a win-win situation. Wondering how this can be achieved? We have some tips to begin creating a comfortable and upbeat zone below.

Serene Surroundings

Try and designate an area of the workplace solely for the purpose of relaxing. Try and choose one that is quiet and perhaps further away from noises or distractions. Even if it is only to escape for a few minutes, it can change productivity drastically as it allows employees to hit the reset button and continue along with their objectives for the day. If your company has several employees try signup sheets to give each person, the benefit and opportunity to quiet the mind.  

Schedule Zen Time

Play around with the possibility of creating a scheduled time for peaceful practice. Just like we nourish our bodies with food we need to nourish our minds with awareness. For example, why not shut the lights off and have employees close their eyes for 15 minutes during the day. Ask that they take advantage of this time to create a clear objective to reach before the end of their day and perhaps provide rewards for those employees that do. It’s all about positive reinforcement. 

Promote Transparency

Becoming more aware and realizing the root cause of one’s stresses can be liberating but it also requires a call to action in order to evoke change. Set time aside to allow employees to express their emotions and suggestions openly, perhaps during weekly meetings or quick daily gatherings. This could be a great time to address any large decision-making issues as people’s minds will be fresh and sharp after an opportunity to recharge.

Key Benefits

As mentioned, the best outcome is an increase in productivity. Setting out to complete one’s work objectives with open awareness and understanding like those who practice mindfulness is an equation for success. There is also an obviously lighter air floating around the workspace as more people exhibit less stress when increasing overall awareness. While stress does not disappear (to date there is no known method for this), the practice of mindfulness puts one in touch with their sensations possibly aiding in discovery of the root cause of this stress. Bringing the causes to light, one can devise a method to combat this stress, releasing positive energy in its place. 

This new and stress-free space will be home to new and widespread creativity; taking time to give thanks to the mind and its potential feeds creativity. This is especially beneficial for companies that thrive on innovation, so get ready to be behind ground-breaking releases and production. If you’re not a company that thrives on innovation, think about how creativity could influence day to day functioning of the company. Maybe employees will devise a new and improved way for scheduling or a new break room setup. Either way, bringing emotions to the surface and battling stress together as a team can move you toward a brighter and more productive future.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Say goodbye to the days where employees dreaded going to work and say hello to a future environment filled creative and happy citizens. We all know that working is a basic part of our life as an adult, so why make it tough to make it through life as it already is. Create a workspace where employees will actually be excited to come to work and strive to make it a goal for them to only share positive and fun work experiences at happy hour, instead of the normal negativity. This can be easily executed by planting the peaceful practice of mindfulness in the workplace, even if it is only for a short time. It also helps to promote mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle outside of the office, as outside stresses can sometimes make it into the office. While you can’t control everyone’s life nor everyone’s circumstances, you can do everything in your power at present to help them and those around them live healthier, happier, and more aware. 

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